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Apple Watch release coming 'early next year', priced starting at $349

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The just-unveiled Apple Watch will launch early next year starting at $349. It's the first truly new breakout product for Apple since the iPad in 2010, and the company revealed it in grand fashion today. Apple's take on the smartwatch features a radically new user interface primarily controlled by what the company calls its "Digital Crown," a knob on the side of the Apple Watch that allows users to magnify content, scroll down lists, make selections, and return to the home screen without touching or obstructing the screen. Naturally, you'll need an iPhone to use it.

Available in a variety of sizes incorporating different materials like stainless steel, aluminum, and 18-karat gold, the Apple Watch also features a flexible Retina display that's better at recognizing touch input. Apple says the watch can be customized in "millions" of ways, and the software puts a focus on communicating in "more intimate" ways: you're able to share personal details like your heartbeat with others (they'll even feel your heartbeat via vibrations from their own watch), or fire off whimsical sketches to fellow Apple Watch wearers. Apple is also making a huge fitness push with new apps like Activity and Workout. But other Apple mainstays like Siri and support for messages, Apple Maps, and other features are also built in.