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Are you considering ditching your fitness tracker for an Apple Watch?

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Apple's 2015 wearable versus Fitbit, Jawbone Up, and others

Sure, it's called the Apple Watch, but the wearable gadget unveiled in Cupertino today and scheduled for an early 2015 release does far more than keep the time. Apple CEO Tim Cook made a big deal about promoting the Apple Watch's health, lifestyle, and fitness tracking features, which include giving you personalized goals and keeping track of three different broad categories of activities: moving, exercising, and standing. And as my colleague Ben Popper found out, analysts are already predicting the Apple Watch will dominate the growing fitness tracking hardware industry (A Forrester Research study found that 24 percent of US adults plan on purchasing a wearable device sometime in the next year).

There's no doubt that if it is released with all the features shown off today, the Apple Watch will be one of the most comprehensive and complex fitness bands on the market. Of course, it's also trying to compete with previously announced rival smartwatches running Google's Android Wear, but so far, those only offer very basic pedometer and heart rate measuring features. And as a recent convert to the Jawbone Up24 (The Verge's top choice in fitness trackers), I'm not entirely sure I'm ready to ditch my light, minimalistic wristband in favor of the flashier, chunkier Apple Watch I've seen from afar (I do think it looks quite appealing, though). Now that the Apple Watch has been announced, if you're looking for a device that's going to be used mainly for activity tracking, which would you pick?