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Artist cancels exhibition of nude pictures stolen from Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton

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XVALA will instead show life-size naked pictures of himself

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Last week LA-based artist XVALA — real name Jeff Hamilton — announced he would display recently leaked naked pictures of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton as part of an upcoming art show he titled "No Delete." But now the artist has backtracked on his original decision, removing the pictures from his planned exhibit, and replacing them with life-size nude pictures of himself.

Hamilton said the public reaction to the leaked photos made him change his mind. "People were identifying with Jennifer Lawrence‘s and Kate Upton‘s victimization, much more than I had anticipated, which is powerfully persuasive." Hamilton's scheduled exhibit was to be part of his long-running "Fear Google" series, and was to be run at the Cory Allen Contemporary Art gallery. The gallery said the decision to cancel came because of a mixed public reaction and a number of "persuasive online petitions."

The pictures will be replaced with naked selfies of the artist

Talking about his decision to fill the gallery with naked selfies instead of celebrity nudes, Hamilton said "This concept was always about self-examination in our current culture. Why we feel the need to know and cross the lines of other individual's privacy." The decision should also save XVALA some legal trouble — a spokesperson for Jennifer Lawrence previously stated that anyone sharing the stolen pictures would be prosecuted by relevant authorities.