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Sony is bringing The Interview to cable and satellite TV

Sony is bringing The Interview to cable and satellite TV


Hundreds more independent theaters will show the movie

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Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

The Wall Street Journal reports that Sony Pictures has completed deals that will bring The Interview to cable and satellite packages in the US, including Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and DirectTV. The company says the movie, which sees James Franco and Seth Rogen visit North Korea to blow up Kim Jong-un's head, will be available to rent or buy on major pay-TV services over the next few days.

Michael Lynton, CEO of Sony Pictures, reportedly stepped in to personally orchestrate the deal that will make the movie available on the small screen. The move will mean that the controversial film, the target of ire from the North Korean regime, can already be seen online, on subscription TV services, and in hundreds of independent theaters, little more than a week after its official release.

The CEO of Sony Pictures reportedly spearheaded the deal

Sony Pictures said last week that the movie had pulled in $15 million through digital sales alone, a record for the company. While the figure may not rival box office smashes, it's something of a turnaround considering the company pulled the movie from theaters entirely in mid-December after chains were threatened with attacks. Independent theaters stepped in to show the film, and Sony says their number is increasing — this weekend 580 independent venues will show The Interview, up from 331 last weekend.