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The work of art in the age of gadgets

The work of art in the age of gadgets

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Hello and welcome! If you've found this page, you might have figured out that we're launching something new very soon. We'll have much more to say about it when we launch on April 25th, but in the meantime this video, created in January of 2015, is a pretty good indication of how we're thinking about the flood of gadgets we intend to cover. Thanks for visiting, and please check back on the 25th!


As CES 2015 wound to a close, our video team put together this incredible montage of over 250 gadgets in three minutes. We decided to narrate it with fragments from Walter Benjamin's 1936 essay "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction," because the highest understanding of CES requires seeing the cultural change happening behind the blinking lights and slick touchscreens. Also it sounded cool.

Verge video is Tre Shallowhorn, Jordan Oplinger, John Lagomarsino, Ryan Manning, Jimmy Shelton, Tom Connors, and Philip Robibero. Freelance work by Weston Reel and post production direction by Zenae Zukowski. Subscribe to The Verge on YouTube to see more of their incredible work.

We out, CES 2015. Until next year.

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