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The final seven episodes of Mad Men begin April 5th

The final seven episodes of Mad Men begin April 5th

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Favorite TV mystery man and prominent alcoholic Don Draper will soon be gone from our TV sets, and he's taking AMC's critically acclaimed period drama with him. Variety reports that the final seven episodes of Mad Men will premiere April 5th, about a year after the first half of the final season aired. AMC also split the final season of Breaking Bad, which went out with record viewership in 2013.

Mad Men, a show about a bunch of cranky, rich advertising executives who don't like change, originally premiered in 2007 and has now been running for seven years. The show was a tentpole production that boosted AMC's notoriety in the basic cable world, and the network later scored big hits with Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, which continues to pick up record ratings in its fifth season.

There's still hope for AMC period drama lovers with Mad Men wrapping up. Despite its troubled ratings, AMC's other period drama, Halt and Catch Fire, will live on for a second season. And for those still hung up on the world of intrepid meth producer Walter White, Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul will premiere February 8th.