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This is what it might look like if Reading Rainbow hacked a road sign

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Have you seen LeVar Burton recently?

If the 2007 Boston bomb scare is on the scary end of the public signage troll spectrum, this LA road sign manipulation is on the other. As LA Weekly reported, a Los Angeles transportation spokesperson said a curious message that appeared on one of its LED boards — "Read a fucking book" — was likely the result of an unauthorized intrusion. While I can't take issue with the message, typical road sign messages include traffic and hazard advisories, not aggressive attempts at building public erudition.

The only question now: who's responsible? My money is on Reading Rainbow star LaVar Burton, whose troll dossier includes an internet reading of Adam Mansbach's Go the F**k to Sleep. Is this the first strike in a viral marketing campaign for the new Reading Rainbow? The truth is out there.