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Apple's latest store display features iPad Smart Covers that open on their own

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Apple appears to be employing magnets or otherwise real magic to lure shoppers into its Regent Street store in London. A new window display spotted there earlier today has a row of upright iPads with Smart Covers that open and close without human interaction, just in case you were unclear what the $39 accessory does.

Two other videos get up a little closer to the display, showing that there are indeed no strings attached:

A video posted by robbiejmartin (@robbiejmartin) on

Smart Covers work using magnets to keep the flap secured to the front of the tablet, as well as to lock into various positions. The idea's made its way over to other gadgets, which have changed up the formula, including Amazon's Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus 9 covers. Obviously none of these work like the ones in this neat window display.

This is not the craziest window display Apple's made to hawk iPads. A few years ago, the company used HDTVs made to look like the tablets, which were running demo videos of various apps. It's also made giant fake iPads stacked on top of one another to lure in shoppers, and more recently created "infinity displays" using LED bulbs with iPads in the center.

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