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Boyhood wins best dramatic picture at the Golden Globes

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Best comedy or musical goes to The Grand Budapest Hotel

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Boyhood has won the Golden Globe for best dramatic motion picture of the year at tonight's awards ceremony in Beverly Hills. The movie's director, Richard Linklater, also scooped the Golden Globe for best director for his work on the movie, which stars Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke as the parents of a young boy and follows his growth from six-year-old to college freshman. Linklater filmed the movie across a 12-year period starting in 2002, eschewing CGI effects to age his actors, preferring instead to wait for star Ellar Coltrane to grow up naturally.

Boyhood beat out competition from Foxcatcher, Selma, The Imitation Game, and Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything for the award. Earlier in the night, The Grand Budapest Hotel, directed by Wes Anderson won the show's other best picture award for a comedy or musical.