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Amazon's Transparent wins Golden Globe for best TV comedy or musical

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The winner of the Golden Globe award for best television comedy or musical is Amazon's "Transparent." It's the first major award for a show made by the site.

The company beat out Netflix in the category

The nominees included two new media companies — Netflix, with "Orange is the New Black," and Amazon, with "Transparent" — along with HBO's "Silicon Valley" and "Girls," and the CW's "Jane the Virgin." It was the only category featuring a head-to-head match-up between Netflix and Amazon, which both had nominees in other categories.

Amazon took home another award for "Transparent:" Jeffrey Tambor won the best actor in a TV comedy or musical award for his work on the show, and during the acceptance speech called Amazon his "new best friend." Netflix was nominated for several other awards for both "Orange is the New Black" and "House of Cards."

Amazon has struggled to make a critically acclaimed hit with its lineup of original series, but critics have raved over "Transparent" since its debut, focusing especially on Tambor's performance as a transgender woman.