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Chevrolet's 2016 Volt has CarPlay support

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It's no secret that GM will be rolling out support for both CarPlay and Android Auto, but we haven't seen it on a production GM model — until now. The 2016 Volt on the stand at Detroit's North American International Auto Show this week has an in-car entertainment system that includes support for both CarPlay and MirrorLink; both systems appear as options in the vehicle's Settings menu. Android Auto is missing, but there's plenty of time to add it — the Volt won't be on the road until the middle of this year.

Countless cars from a wide variety of automakers are expected to add support for both CarPlay and Android Auto this year as the battle for dashboard supremacy heats up — Apple and Google are both making big plays to control the interactions between drivers and their cars, and most car companies are electing to support both. GM — and Chevrolet, specifically — is on that list.