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Marvel is streaming the Japanese Spider-Man series from the '70s

Marvel is streaming the Japanese Spider-Man series from the '70s


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Spider-Man has all manner of international incarnations, but the '70s Japanese version — where he fought aliens with a giant robot and machine guns — is easily one of the best, and there can be no argument because you're wrong, ok? But if you've never seen the classic series, not to worry. Marvel has released two episodes online for your otaku enjoyment.

Spider-Man (or Supaidāman for those of you who love laughing at rōmaji) was a late 1970s series developed by Marvel and Japan's Toei Company. Unlike the American source material, however, it's much, much weirder. The show follows Takuya Yamashiro in the title role, but he's no Peter Parker. Instead of being a nebbishy high school nerd who was bitten by a radioactive spider, he's a motorcyclist who was given his spider powers to help in an intergalactic war against the evil Professor Monster and the Iron Cross Group. And along with his costume, he's given a space ship that can transform into a giant robot called Leopardon, mostly because Toei practically invented Power Rangers-style theatrics and every live-action Toei show needs a robot or twelve.

"I am the Emissary of Hell!"

Marvel is currently streaming episodes one and seven from the series, though it's unclear when the company will release more. The move is fitting since the character just made his canon debut in Amazing Spider-Man #12 during the Spider-Verse event. Hopefully we see more of him.

Supaidaman 3