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Watch this unreleased Beastie Boys video featuring Adam Yauch and Nas

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Back in 2011, the Beastie Boys came out with their final studio album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. It was a critically acclaimed record, with many saying at the time that it was the group at their best. A year later, Adam Yauch, otherwise known as MCA, passed away from cancer. Now, fans have a chance to relive some of that old hype thanks to an up-until-now unreleased music video for one of the album's tracks, "Too Many Rappers."

The video was discovered by fan Eoin McLernon and posted onto a Beastie Boys forum yesterday. It features all three Beastie Boys and Nas strolling down streets, supermarket aisles, concert venues, and Arby's back alleys rapping and having a good time. Filmed by Roman Coppola, it's a great look at real artists just living life and enjoying their craft. Have a look. RIP MCA.

Update January 15th, 11:27AM: The Beastie Boys officially released the video for "Too Many Rappers" on YouTube on Wednesday. The original leak has been pulled.