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Don't tell me this is Naut a game

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Is there life on Mars? On this Mars there is

Cory Schmitz, who you might know as the designer of many Vox Media logos including the Polygon logo, tweeted this afternoon about his adventure on Mars in a little game called Naut.

I'm a sucker for open worlds with little purpose beyond being explored. I am, as the ever helpful Taxonomy of Gamers would say, a Tourist-type, drawing pleasure from discovering what's over the next mountain, and the next, and the next after that. Which is to say Naut is my sort of game.

In my short lunch break session, I presumably missed what's waiting to be seen. (At least I think there are other landmarks to be found other than the house where the game begins.) I hopped in the space Cadillac and drove towards the hills. After flipping my car on a rock, I walked and walked. It began to rain, then lightning. At the base of a mountain, I looked up. The hill appeared too steep to climb, but the game's quite glitchy, mostly for the better, making an impossible ascent doable. At the top of the hill, I turned around and looked back on where I'd come from. In the distance, I saw my home and something else. Maybe another house? Maybe a gas station? I'll find it tomorrow at lunch.

Naut is made by Lucie Viatgé, Tom Victor, and Titouan Milletand, members of Klondike. It's available on PC, Mac, and Linux for the price of your choosing.