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Google's Chrome Remote Desktop app now lets you access a home PC from your iPhone

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There are plenty of remote desktop apps that let you log into and control a home computer from your iPhone or iPad. But some of the better options cost money and probably aren't as simple as logging into your Google account. Today, Google released its Chrome Remote Desktop app, already on Android since April, for Apple's mobile OS. Once the app's downloaded, you just install an accompanying Remote Desktop app in your Chrome browser, and from that point on you can access your home PC or Mac from pretty much anywhere: Android, iOS, the desktop Chrome browser, and Chromebooks can all get you there in a pinch.

The Android app is pretty well reviewed with an average of 4.4 stars among users — so hopefully the iOS counterpart meets that reputation. How responsive and lag-free the overall experience is will likely hinge on the strength of your data signal, but it's free, so Chrome Remote Desktop might be worth a try over costlier options like LogMeIn.