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The Ford GT and Acura NSX: two classics get reinvented in Detroit

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It's been an incredible, wonderful day for cars. Any auto show is a good one, but this year's NAIAS in Detroit has been a doozy: the Ford GT and Acura NSX, two storied supercar marques with 75 years of combined history, are back in the mix and spitting fire.

Two mid-engined beasts

They're both mid-engined beasts that are made in America (the NSX will be manufactured in Ohio) and cost well into the six figures, but that's pretty much where the similarities end. The GT traces its roots back to the ’60s and a business deal gone bad between Ford and Ferrari; the NSX is young by comparison, having gone into production "only" 25 years ago. The new GT is a pure gasoline car — a compact, twin-turbo V6 good for over 600 horsepower — while the new NSX relies on a relatively complex hybrid system that'll put out at least 550 horsepower. The NSX has been rumored or confirmed for production for over half a decade; the GT has only emerged as a solid rumor over the past few weeks.

It goes without saying that both cars — sitting just feet from one another on the show floor — are incredible. Let's have a closer look.