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McLaren is now a tech company

McLaren is now a tech company

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One of the most storied names in car racing today marks a symbolic shift in its raison d'être by adopting the moniker of McLaren Technology Group. Adding the word "technology" at the heart of McLaren's corporate identity underscores the growing importance of the company's operations outside of racing. "Technology drives everything we do," says CEO Ron Dennis in explaining the subtle change from the original McLaren Group title, though he's quick to also point out that "Formula 1 racing is and always will be a core area of activity for us." Three-quarters of McLaren's 3,000 employees are now working on projects that aren't directly involved in motorsport, and the McLaren Applied Technologies division has seen its analytics software deployed by big and varied business partners like SAP, GlaxoSmithKline, and KPMG.

"Technology drives everything we do."

The professional McLaren Racing team and the supercar-building McLaren Automotive will continue as important cogs in the overall McLaren machine, but the primary thing that defines it in the future will be technological innovation. To aid that cause, McLaren has submitted a planning application for the construction of a new technology center that would help its research into aerodynamics, provide more workshops, and allow for the preparation and assembly of more vehicles. Today's name change just solidifies the "path of diversification" that Ron Dennis and company have been following over the past couple of decades.