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Drone vs. car: which is better?

Drone vs. car: which is better?

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One automobile. Two drones. Four wheels. Ten propellers.

Cue the dramatic movie trailer music.

In the waning hours of CES last week, noted drone enthusiast Ben Popper and I drove roughly 25 miles southwest of the Vegas Strip to settle one of history's greatest questions: are drones cooler than cars?

We enlisted the help of two of CES 2015's hottest products

To get to the bottom of this pressing issue, we enlisted the help of two of CES 2015's hottest products — Hexo+ and Airdog, crowdfunded drones designed to automatically follow and record you without any flight skill needed. The Airdog is a quadcopter designed to track a special wristband, while the Hexo+ is a six-bladed unit that follows your phone via Bluetooth — but otherwise, the concept is basically the same.

Watch the video. I can't promise we have the answer, but I can definitely promise that we got some awesome aerial shots of a car out in the middle of nowhere.

Disclaimer: Cars and drones are both cool, obviously — we just wanted an excuse to take a beautiful BMW M235i out into the middle of the desert with two of the most interesting drones at the show. (I also wanted an excuse to push Ben Popper off of a hill.)


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