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Grand Theft Auto V on PC has been delayed until March

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The long-awaited debut of Grand Theft Auto V on PC will have to wait just a bit longer: Rockstar games has just announced that the release of the game has been delayed. Originally slated to release this month, GTA V will now hit PC on March 24th, barring any further delays. "We assure you these few extra weeks will be worth it when the game does arrive in March," the developer says.

To soften the blow, the developer released a handful of new screenshots that show just how good the new version of the game will look. The PC release will be the same enhanced edition of the game that hit the PS4 and Xbox One in November with new features like a first-person mode, but will include an even greater level of visual detail for those with the hardware to pull it off, including support for 4K resolution and up to three monitors. Check out the source link below for the just-released system specs for the game.

Grand Theft Auto V PC

Grand Theft Auto V PC