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Watch a considerable chunk of A Clockwork Orange recreated in Grand Theft Auto V

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A bit of ultra-violence in an ultra violent world

It isn't too difficult to recreate the general feel of A Clockwork Orange in Grand Theft Auto V. Give your character a haircut, some freshly bleached white threads, a bowler cap, and a baseball bat, and you're halfway there. The other half — the cinematography, the blocking, that evil gaze into camera — is the tough part. It took over a dozen people to create this video, hosted by GTA Series Videos on YouTube. I've watched it twice and still can't quite figure out how certain shots, like the car driving towards camera with a green screen-like background rolling behind it, were created in the game. Perhaps they're layers done in post-production. Either way, it looks great.

What fans of Grand Theft Auto V are accomplishing on consoles not designed for this sort of tweaking makes today's delay of the PC version all the more frustrating. It will be exciting to see what these talented filmmakers do when the PC version is available in March.