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Google opens its domain registration service to everyone in the US

Google opens its domain registration service to everyone in the US

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Google's domain registration service is now in open, public beta in the United States. Launched back in June, Google Domains was initially available through an invite-based system, but the GoDaddy alternative is now available to everyone inside the US. For prices starting at $12 per year, Google will help you secure a domain name and toss in added benefits like private registration, email forwarding to Gmail, support for as many as 100 sub-domains, and domain forwarding.

The company has also integrated a number of partners that specialize in helping users quickly build websites, including Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix. (You'll pay extra if you decide to take advantage of those services.) Today, Google announced that it's also added full support for Blogger — another of its projects — making it dead simple to link a new domain with your existing blog.

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In the months since revealing the service, Google says it's received some useful feedback from early testers. That's led to improvements like a streamlined dashboard, support for over 60 domain endings (.company, .florist, .coffee, etc.), the ability to browse templates from the partners mentioned above, and a better search tool for finding you the right URL. For those outside the US, Google points to a page where you can sign up to be notified with Google Domains goes international.