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BlackBerry is tweeting from an iPhone

BlackBerry is tweeting from an iPhone

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Oh, BlackBerry. We can understand when your celebrity creative director accidentally tweets from a competitor's smartphone — or is the victim of a "hack." But your own, central Twitter account? That's no good. And yet somehow it's exactly what's just happened. Moments ago, BlackBerry tweeted out a (since deleted) message urging its last bastion of loyal users to keep up with the conversation on Twitter. You'd think the BlackBerry Classic would be a perfect device for thumbing out 140-character missives and sending them to the world; that keyboard is undeniably fantastic.

BlackBerry iPhone

BlackBerry Twitter

But nope. Whoever wrote this fired it off from an iPhone. You wouldn't see it anywhere in the regular Twitter app, but companies still seem to forget this stuff is plainly visible in Tweetbot, Tweetdeck, and other clients. Let's learn the lesson already, everyone. Why was this message so urgent that it needed to be tweeted from a phone? From an iPhone, at that? We'll never know. And in case you were wondering, yes, a Twitter app for BlackBerry most definitely does exist.

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