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You wouldn't know the name Matthew McConaughey if not for this video

You wouldn't know the name Matthew McConaughey if not for this video


Time is a flat circle that begins and ends with a grainy VHS tape

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Ever wonder what life would be like if you had done just one moment differently? What if you had a different second grade teacher? Or what if you'd taken a surprise vacation to Disneyland instead of visiting your grandparents a few years ago? Or what if you'd survived on a purely Pop Rocks diet for a week in the summer between high school and college? Would you still be you?

Videos like this audition tape make me question the significance every seemingly insignificant choice made in our day-to-day lives. A couple decades ago a local commercial actor named Matthew McConaughey sauntered into an audition for what would become Richard Linklater's beloved comedy Dazed and Confused, setting in motion the rest of his life. If he hadn't filmed this tape and appeared in that film, would McConaughey's life even be as alright, alright, alright? I like to think so. I like to think there's an alternate reality in which Matthew McConaughey loves his life as a high school theater teacher in the suburbs of Austin, Texas, shaping the youth by day and smoking an unfathomable amount of weed by night. I like to think this Matthew McConaughey married young, had identical triplets, and forced all of them to become Texas Longhorns, except for one who rebelled and went to Oberlin. I like to think we only know the second best inter-dimensional Matthew McConaughey.