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Relive one of the world's most insane road rallies with a short film from deadmau5

Relive one of the world's most insane road rallies with a short film from deadmau5

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The Gumball 3000 is wonderfully ridiculous. It doesn't know how to be anything else.

The international road rally — which pulls celebs, glitterati, and car enthusiasts across thousands of miles of highway every year — features some of the most incredible exotic cars you'll ever see. David Hasselhoff, of all people, is a regular participant. When we dropped by Gumball's New York City checkpoint last year, highlights included a velvet-covered Rolls-Royce Wraith, a reasonably authentic Spider-Man hanging out of a car, and an outrageous Nyan Cat-themed Ferrari 458 Italia (the "Purrari") owned by electronic music producer Joel Zimmerman — better known by his stage name, deadmau5.

Basically, it's a spectacle.

The Purrari and a velvet-covered Rolls-Royce Wraith

Zimmerman, who drove the 2014 Gumball from Miami to Ibiza (with a transatlantic flight in between), tried to capture a little bit of the rally's essence in a short film released today. It includes some of the sleepless banter between Zimmerman and co-driver Tory Belleci of MythBusters fame, run-ins with the police (eventually leading to the former's suspension from driving in Europe), and wild test drives at Daytona and Top Gear's famous Surrey test track.

If you're a car fan, it's a fun watch. Likewise if you're a deadmau5 fan: the producer — whose five-year retrospective 5 Years of mau5 came out in November — works in quite a bit of music from his most recent studio album, while(1 Less_tha2). (I've listened to it a bunch, it's great, it's Grammy-nominated.) Live vicariously, because this is one road trip most of us will never take.