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This iMac concept is ridiculous in the best possible way

This iMac concept is ridiculous in the best possible way


An homage to the original Macintosh hailing from an alternate universe

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You don't need to have been around 31 years ago to appreciate the enduring legacy of Apple's Macintosh computer. While it lives on today in the form of Apple's latest iMac desktops, the original's look and endearingly chunky shape have unfortunately been lost, eroded away by the passage of time and evolution of design. That's been noticed by the designers at Curved Labs, who have produced a delightful concept for an iMac that gives "a facelift" to its decades-old progenitor.

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Set out in a series of detailed renders, the conceptual iMac combines the internal components of an 11.6-inch MacBook Air with the addition of a touchscreen and the new reversible USB connector. Its shape echoes that of the original Mac, though the rear bulk of the computer has sensibly been excised, leaving only a striking aluminum shape. The floppy disk drive of the original has been converted into a speaker grille in the modern version, which also houses an SD card slot, a FaceTime camera, and a microphone.

There's nothing particularly practical or realistic about this iMac, which is probably why it feels so sublimely desirable. Check out the full set of pictures at the source link below.