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This is what a combined Xbox One/PlayStation 4 laptop looks like

This is what a combined Xbox One/PlayStation 4 laptop looks like


It's the easiest way to end the console wars

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Composite image showing the PlayBox
Composite image showing the PlayBox
Ed's Junk

Who needs a PS Vita when you can carry both an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 around with you in the same case? This is apparently the thinking behind the Playbox: a monstrous console mod by serial tinkerer Eddie Zarick that combines both consoles into a laptop form factor kitted out with a 1080p 22-inch screen.

Zarick has a bit of a history with these creations. He previously turned both the Xbox One and PS4 into individual "laptops" as well as created what he calls the Xbook Duo: a unit containing both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The Playbox meanwhile houses the PS4 on the left side and the Xbox One on the right. Both consoles are powered by the same cord (although they can't be turned on simultaneously for fear of overheating) while a switch on the back is used to change from one to the other.

Zarick says he isn't selling any Playboxes at the moment (this prototype was built for a custom order), but his regular Xbook Ones sells for $1,500 while the Playbook 4s go for $1,400 (cheaper still if customers supply their own consoles). If you're looking for more details on how Zarick put his creations together you can watch his how-to video for the Xbook Duo or just check out the Playbox in more detail above. Still, it's no Obox.

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