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Some of the best, most expensive Wii games are coming to Wii U for cheap

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You will be able to grab Super Mario Galaxy 2 and other Wii hits for ten bucks each

On this morning's Nintendo Direct, the company announced three popular Wii games will be made available as downloads this month at a discounted rate on Wii U, beginning today with Super Mario Galaxy 2. It will be followed by Punch-Out!! on January 22nd and Metroid Prime: Trilogy on January 29th. The three games will cost $19.99 each, but will be half-priced during their first week of availability.

This means you will be available to buy some of Nintendo's best and still comparably expensive games for $9.99. Super Mario Galaxy 2 remains $49.99 new at Gamestop — $29.99 pre-owned. Punch-Out!! is only available used for $34.99. And Metroid Prime: Trilogy, also only available pre-owned, is a whopping $49.99.

Nintendo is making difficult-to-find, expensive games cheaper. European Wii U owners will get even more options, with Sin and Punishment and Pandora's Tower available as future downloads. Unlike other Wii games and downloads, when booting these games, the system won't need to load the Wii game loader within the Wii U. They'll appear on the Wii U's menu alongside other Wii U games.

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