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Game of Thrones screenings pushed to add more IMAX theaters

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Earlier this month HBO and IMAX announced that they would be teaming up for a special Game of Thrones theatrical event, and now the special screenings have been delayed a week so even more movie theaters can be looped in. The presentation, which includes the final two episodes from the last season of Game of Thrones followed by a preview of season five, will now kick off on Thursday, January 29th and run through February 5th.

Originally 150 IMAX theaters had been scheduled, with screenings starting on the 23rd. With the change, around 200 IMAX theaters will now be part of the show. Tickets go on sale this Friday at IMAX's website, with the new season of the show scheduled to debut on HBO on April 12th. Our only suggestion? Play the Purple Wedding sequence beforehand — you know, just to get people in a cheering mood.