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Watch FKA Twigs turn into a CGI creature in her new Pendulum video

Watch FKA Twigs turn into a CGI creature in her new Pendulum video


Part Cirque du Soleil, part Busta Rhymes

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Tahliah Barnett, the London-based musician who goes by FKA Twigs, released her debut full-length, LP1, back in August. It's a tangled, torturous work, so it's no surprise her visuals tend to mimic those feelings. Today, Barnett released a self-directed video for the crushing album track "Pendulum," which pairs Twigs' breathy whisperings with a backbeat that sounds like marbles scattering across a tin floor.

With an aesthetic that's part Cirque du Soleil and part "What's It Gonna Be," the "Pendulum" video features Twigs tied up, partially by her own hair, as she writhes over a slimy, metallic CGI surface. Eventually she merges with the thing, only to rise later like a phoenix in a silver corset.

FKA Twigs began her career as a dancer, and her physical work and visuals frequently trend towards dark, sensual material that challenges perceptions of dominance. Her video for "Papi Pacify," off 2013's EP2, featured Twigs wrapped in a man's embrace, unable to move, while his hands pried open her mouth. Her recent visual for "Video Girl" had her dancing seductively around a man about to be executed. Barnett doesn't seem to be interested in moving towards a feel-good aesthetic, but the "Pendulum" video reminds us that sometimes oddball CGI will make you feel good anyway.