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Broad City gets renewed for a third season before its second season even premieres

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Broad City's second season doesn't even premiere until later today, but the show has already won itself a third. Comedy Central announced this morning that it's renewing the series for another 10-episode run — a pretty wise choice given the huge amounts of buzz that it's been receiving off of its first. There are no other details on Broad City's third season, but you can probably expect it around this time next year.

Aside from keeping a strong series alive, this is also an opportunity for Comedy Central to give women a bigger presence on its network. It even jokes about that as much in its press release: "It has just been brought to my attention that Broad City is a female-centric show, but we’re going to do more anyway," says Kent Alterman, Comedy Central's content development president. Variety points out that Comedy Central has also done well with Inside Amy Schumer, but Alterman's comments are really more of a general dig at the fact that most networks and studios are hesitant to approve pretty much anything with a female lead.