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GoPro's making it way easier to broadcast live action cam footage on TV

GoPro's making it way easier to broadcast live action cam footage on TV

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Get ready to see some pretty stunning (and totally live) GoPro action cam footage on your TV. The company has announced that it's partnering with Vislink to produce a small transmitter that athletes and other GoPro users can wear to beam out footage of their death-defying feats on live TV. GoPro’s already fantastic Hero4 cameras will be fitted with a small, light, and low-power wireless transmitter capable of sending out broadcast-grade video. It beats having to hand off a memory card to a production crew and eliminating the thrill of live, as-it-happens footage.

We'll start seeing demonstrations of what this looks like very soon; GoPro's new setup will be in use during ESPN’s Winter X Games 2015 Aspen from January 22nd through the 25th. Expect that to look something like this. Additional demos will take place at AMA Monster Energy Supercross events and "other live sporting events." You won't actually be able to buy the GoPro Hero4 with its fancy broadcast transmitter until sometime in the spring. GoPro says that's when it'll announce full pricing and availability details. You can already stream action cam footage to the web, but it'll be pretty fantastic to see some of those stunning perspectives from the comfort of your couch playing out on a big-screen TV.

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