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Watch the world's best parallel parking job break a world record

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Exciting. Nail-biting. Jaw-dropping. These are not words you use to describe someone parallel parking a Fiat — unless you're watching stunt driver Alastair Moffatt do it.

Don't try this at home

Moffatt has held the record for the tightest parallel parking job on two occasions in the past, but as Road & Track notes, he keeps having it taken away by China's Han Yue — most recently last November. In that attempt, Han managed an 8-centimeter squeeze using a Mini Cooper. Moffatt responded almost immediately with a throwing of the proverbial gauntlet, clocking a 7.5-centimeter run in his Fiat 500 (with the stability control disconnected, of course).

The latest run isn't yet verified by Guinness, but if it is, Moffatt will officially be the man you want valeting your car in New York City — at least until Han inevitably fires a volley right back. Parallel parking wars are the kinds of wars we can all get behind.

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