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T-Mobile's new prepaid plans start at $40, but don't expect Uncarrier perks

T-Mobile's new prepaid plans start at $40, but don't expect Uncarrier perks

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T-Mobile's just introduced some new prepaid plans, with the new "Simply Prepaid" options starting at $40 for unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of 4G LTE data. Stepping up to 3GB of unthrottled data runs $50, and the top tier 5GB data plan is priced at $60.

All of these plans are $10 cheaper than their counterparts in T-Mobile's existing Simple Choice lineup, but the savings mean you lose out on some appealing Uncarrier perks — Music Freedom chief among them. But CEO John Legere is pushing the point that these are simply meant to give customers more choice above what's already there. As usual, the outspoken Legere is trumpeting T-Mobile's latest offerings as superior to what its larger competitors AT&T and Verizon Wireless offer.

And yes, if you're looking at price alone, they come in a bit cheaper than what you'd get from GoPhone or Verizon. But just like the competition, T-Mobile will slow you way down once you run through the allotted data in each plan. Data speeds drop to 128kbps, so you'll want to choose the right bucket to avoid that headache. Legere is frank in admitting that these plans lose out on the bells and whistles T-Mobile has been shouting about for months. But those Uncarrier moves are clearly having influence on the company's bigger rivals. And you still get Wi-Fi calling here, which is always a plus. The Simply Prepaid plans will roll out beginning January 25th.