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Someone is looking for an 'idiot' on Craigslist to help them beat Super Mario World

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Can't beat your favorite games? You can always ask the internet for the help of an 'idiot'

An anonymous person has posted a request on the "computer gigs" board of the Los Angeles Craigslist with the subject line, "Idiot Needed to beat Vanilla Dome in Super Mario World - SNES." You should see the post for yourself, as its use of image and layout is exquisite. Here is the text in its entirety:

Help plz.

I can't beat the Vanilla Dome in Super Mario World for SNES.

I've tried 476 times.

I officialy have "the fear."

Need a random idiot to come over and do it for me.

The wizards are driving me insane. I've almost lost it completely.

Will provide whiskey and donuts.

Plz help me.

If you'd like to help this person, they can be contacted through the Craiglist post, though be warned that the compensation is "no pay," though whiskey and donuts will be provided. I have to believe this post belongs in the personals board, because it reads like the cute-meet for a very of-the-moment romantic comedy. I can see the logline now: "When an outspoken feminist helps a forum troll beat Vanilla Dome, a passion is born. But will love last when their favorite website gives the next Grand Theft Auto a 9 out of 10?"

Still planning on reaching out? Please let us know if you find love.