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Charlie Hebdo releases latest issue on smartphones to help meet incredible demand

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After 10 of its staffers were tragically slain during a targeted terrorist assault last week, Charlie Hebdo is trying to get its latest issue in front of anyone who wishes to see it. Physical copies sold out in minutes in France — and millions were printed. More are coming, but to help meet demand and an overwhelming show of support from the public, Charlie Hebdo is also making the defiant issue available via mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. If you're on iOS, the app can be downloaded here. Once installed, you can open it through the iOS Newsstand feature and purchase the issue for $2.99. Android's here, and there's also a Windows Phone version. Just know that the entire application is offered in French only, so you might need some translation help if you plan on buying. It still beats purchasing a second-hand copy on eBay, and getting it this way means you're helping see the magazine's mission forward.