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Weird Al Yankovic will voice Batman's villain in a new animated film

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There's more than one way watch the Bat. While Ben Affleck won't don the cowl on screen until 2016, DC's animated series is filling in the gap with direct-to-video animated films. And the latest film just added nerd icon (and distinct voice) Weird Al Yankovic to the cast.

Weird Al will voice the villain Dollmaker, according to The Hollywood Reporter, whose portrayal in the comics is a lot more disturbing than you'd probably guess by the name (or perhaps the casting choice). Batman vs. Robin is the follow-up to last year's direct-to-video Son of Batman and is reportedly a loose adaptation of The Court of Owls comic storyline that was introduced in Batman's "New 52" reboot. Jeremy Sisto (Six Feet Under) is also joining the film as the assassin Talon.

Jason O'Mara, who played Batman in the previous animated film, returns as Bruce Wayne. Kevin Conroy, who has voiced Batman for more than two decades (including the recent Arkham games), will voice Bruce's father Thomas Wayne. Batman vs. Robin will come out sometime this spring.

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