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Virgin Mobile now offers contract-free shared data plans starting at $65

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Let's be realistic: Virgin Mobile probably isn't anyone's first choice for a carrier in the US. But if you've been swayed by the prepaid company's decent pricing options, there's some more good news today. Virgin has announced new, contract-free data sharing plans for families that start at $65. That pricing tier gets you unlimited talk, text, and 4GB of LTE data split across two lines. Jumping up to $90 per month increases the data ceiling to 8GB for three lines, and the top option gives you 12GB of data to divide between four lines at a cost of $115.

So that's $28.75 per person before any extra fees and taxes — and unlike T-Mobile's contract-free family plans, you're free to split this data however you'd like between everyone under it. Using 3GB each seems like the way to go, but if someone needs more data in a particular month, they don't have to worry about a per-line limit. The downsides? Virgin Mobile's device lineup is always pretty lackluster compared to the big four, and you'll be piggybacking on Sprint's network. But if your whole family can make do with an iPhone 5S or Galaxy S5 and coverage is strong, the new data sharing plans could make for a pretty decent offer. They'll be available exclusively at Walmart starting tomorrow, January 17th.