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This music video imagines a world with nothing but the internet

This music video imagines a world with nothing but the internet


Nothin' but net

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We all have those days when we'd like to sink into the internet void, avoiding the persistent plague of all things IRL. But the musician Hot Sugar, aka Nick Koenig, who's worked with the likes of late, great oddball rap group Das Racist, has imagined that reality-free world in his new music video, and it's not so great.

The song, "Not Afraid to Die," is a silky web of ecclesiastic electronic clatter, but its accompanying visual is more dystopian than heavenly. The premise is this: a boy has no tether to the outside world; instead, his desktop monitor is the sun, while airplanes, lamps, and even the weather are just images projected into his bedroom. It's like the stationary bicycle porn episode of Black Mirror in the sense that it will probably leave you in some kind of super-charged existential fog.

His desktop monitor is the sun

Koenig told Wired that he wanted to "tackle a heavy concept with what is generally perceived to be a crude and childish style of animation," and the stark, simple aesthetic is what makes the entire experience feel apocalyptically isolating — which is probably what an internet-only world would actually feel like.

"Not Afraid to Die" will appear on Hot Sugar's upcoming album, God's Hand, out February 24th.