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All the fish are getting evicted from Bangkok's surreal abandoned mall

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New vacancies

An estimated 3,000 fish are being removed from the abandoned New World shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand. The four-story, roof-less structure has been home to various mango fish and catfish since at least 2004, according to Bangkok Post. The pictures, if you've never seen, are completely surreal.

New vacancies

Workers from the Fisheries Department and related researches are using fishing nets to grab the fish and will hold them at various centers before being released to reservoirs, canals, and rivers, according to the Samut Prakan center director Veera Watcharagoneyotine.

After the fish have all been vacated, the vacant complex-turned-pond will be drained. As for what comes next, that isn't clear. According to a city official, the building's owner will have to pay for repairs (including a roof), while the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is asking for 10 million baht (about $306,223.70 in US dollars) for demolition costs.