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Motorola and Dodo launch line of $59.99 leather bands for Moto 360

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Still haven't found a leather band for your Moto 360? You've always got the option of swapping the included one for a replacement purchased at any watch shop, but now Motorola's giving customers even more options. And it's doing so with the help of Dodo. The companies have launched a line of Pergamena leather bands in multiple colors for $59.99. You can pick between blue, green, red, and tan; those make for a nice complement to the black, gray, and cognac / brown leather bands that Motorola already offers. They'll probably stand out a bit more, too. Motorola's cost just $29.99, whereas Dodo's new offerings demand an added premium of $30. It's still cheaper than going for one of the stainless steel bands, at least — those will set you back $79.99.