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James Cameron and Jennifer Lawrence reportedly joining forces for The Dive

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James Cameron's new Avatar trilogy may have been delayed recently due to production complications, but that isn't stopping him from signing up people for his other projects. The Wrap reports that Jennifer Lawrence and Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence have boarded The Dive. To be produced by Cameron, the project tells the story of Audrey Mestre and Francisco Ferraras, a real-world couple the set records by free diving as deep as possible without the help of any external breathing apparatus. Jennifer Lawrence will be played Mestre, who died in 2002 during one of the diving attempts.

Cameron, of course, is no stranger to the water or traveling to the ocean depths. 1989's The Abyss took place on an oil rig based on the ocean floor, and the filmmaker has designed submersibles and filmed several 3D underwater documentaries since. As for his own directing schedule, he's currently working on the aforementioned three new Avatar films, which he hopes to release on a yearly basis starting in 2017.