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Today's your last chance to spend $1,500 on Google Glass

Today's your last chance to spend $1,500 on Google Glass

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We've got to imagine that anyone who wanted the current incarnation of Google Glass has already purchased it by now. But if you've been saving up your change to reach the Explorer Edition's astronomical $1,500 asking price, today's your last chance to place an order on Google Play.

As we learned last week, once the clock strikes midnight, Google will halt sales of Google Glass as we've come to know it over the last two years. (The Glass at Work program will continue on, however.) There's no longer any software roadmap to point to, so don't expect much in the way of improvements or new features. If you're buying Glass now, you should be happy with what it does right now. Because odds are, that's the way it's staying forever. It'll take pictures, it'll give you directions, it'll answer your search queries, and a few other things; Google says there are "over 40" apps that currently work with Glass.

Google Glass Explorer Edition

Would we recommend anyone blow so much cash on an end-of-life product? Absolutely not. But the Explorer Edition was never meant for your everyday consumer. For all the controversies and social awkwardness, there are people out there who genuinely love wearing and using this thing. When that's done well, Glass brings us some pretty amazing, personal, and unique perspectives. Google insists we'll eventually see something geared at the mainstream market — under the direction of new product lead Tony Fadell. "You’ll start to see future versions of Glass when they’re ready," Google said on Thursday. So until Google's ready, this is the end. So long, Explorer Edition.

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