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New HTC One allegedly revealed in photos

New HTC One allegedly revealed in photos

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HTC doesn't plan to unveil the next iteration of its One smartphone until March 1st, but we may be getting an early look at the flagship device today. Nowhere Else has published photos that allegedly show the new One, and it's easy to believe that this could really be it: the phone looks almost identical to HTC's current model, but there are a handful of changes around the device's body that make it look a bit nicer. Most notably, it appears to be a bit trimmer all around. The display's bezels are a touch narrower, the metal frame around the edge of the device appears to be far less prominent, and the phone looks a lot thinner from the bottom, too. The phone's rear camera is also square, rather than circular as on the M8.

Some of the biggest changes may be with the One's camera

There otherwise aren't very dramatic changes here, which may be for the best if this is the real thing. HTC has found a lot of love for the One's design, and this alleged successor doesn't change what works, including a metal frame and two big speakers on the front. The one big question these photos leave open is whether HTC will continue to have two cameras on the back of the phone, allowing for a Lytro-style refocusing effect. On the One M8, the second camera is on the very top of the phone, but that area is cut off in this photo.

Bloomberg reported on Monday that the new One is expected to maintain a very similar design to its predecessor, so these photos definitely align with that report. The new model is reported to come in gray, silver, and gold color options; it will include a 20-megapixel rear camera, a Snapdragon 810 processor, and Dolby 5.1 audio. It'll likely be running a new version of HTC's Android skin, Sense, which has been getting better in recent iterations. The phone will reportedly be unveiled on March 1st, just ahead of Mobile World Congress, where HTC's first smartwatch is expected to be unveiled as well.