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The Red Velvet Oreo is real and it's coming February 2nd

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The tropes of a product cycle — rumors, speculation, confirmation, and hands-on impressions — typically don't apply to a cookie. But that's the story behind the red velvet Oreo, which leaked in late October and has been confirmed for release on February 2nd. The 20-cookie package (less than the standard Oreo) will cost approximately $4.50 and be available for about 6-8 weeks (aka "through Valentine's Day and beyond") or whenever supplies run out.

So how's it taste? A number of media outlets — including TimeBuzzFeed, and Good Morning America — have weighed in with various levels of excitement. The general consensus seems to be that it's a slightly sweeter version of the regular Oreo with no hints of cream cheese, the de facto frosting flavor for red velvet confectionary. (Update: Got one — thanks, Eater!)

If you can't wait to try a cookie, Oreo is running a contest to send out free boxes this week to 20,250 people (yes, a strangely specific number). For now, we're sticking with Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and Double Stuf.