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Björk's new album is now available on iTunes after leaking months early

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As of last week, Björk's upcoming album Vulnicura was slated to come out in March. Unfortunately, in what has become a trend, the full album leaked yesterday. In response, Vulnicura is now available on the iTunes UK store and will be rolling out to other countries in the next 24 hours.

Vulnicura is the follow-up to 2011's album / app Biophilia, which was accepted into the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection this past summer. While Björk's album is out early, her live show still won't begin until March. Björk's has scheduled several New York performances beginning March 7th at Carnegie Hall.

This is just the latest in a trend that's sure to be upsetting artists. When an early version of her then-unannounced album Rebel Heart was announced, Madonna responded by posting the first six tracks online for both streaming and purchase.