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Weird Al's worldwide Mandatory Fun tour starts May 12th

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Iconic songster Weird Al Yankovic celebrated the release of his parody-filled 14th studio album last summer with eight music videos released over eight days. But if music videos aren't enough — RadioShack commercials and Batman cartoons don't count — this summer he's going on tour.

Weird Al has announced 88 tour dates that starts May 12th with five shows in Las Vegas and stays in North America until September before doing eight shows in Europe. Weird Al promises more to come — Arcata, California is listed, for example, but nothing near Los Angeles. (The full schedule is available on his website.) And if the teaser video is any indication, it'll be mix a of new and old material. So yes, fans of "Eat It" and "Fat," there's a really good chance you'll get your fix, too.

In the meantime, join what's definitively the best music video of last summer's octet: