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Run The Jewels knows what love is

Run The Jewels knows what love is


'Feelings are just feelings.'

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For Killer Mike and El-P, the rap duo who go by Run The Jewels, it wasn't enough to put out one of the best albums of 2014. Since RTJ2 dropped in October, the pair has found time to work on a cat-themed version of the album, Meow The Jewels, speak out against police brutality, pen essays on Instagram, inspire official Howard the Duck tribute art, and now, give surprisingly poignant relationship advice to teenage girls.

The online magazine Rookie has recruited Mike and El for its most recent installment of Ask A Grown Man / Woman, a video advice column in which celebrities like Stephen Colbert, Seth Rogen, and Amy Poehler answer reader-submitted questions that often hover around the theme of sex, love, and kissing boys.

Missed connection: Killer Mike and El-P

As musicians, Mike and El-P are a pair of brick-throwing tough guys whose biggest goal is crushing the skulls and spirits of their competition, but as advice-givers, they're clear-headed and gently sincere.

Some golden nuggets of grown man wisdom: "The easiest way to get over a love lost is to find another love" (Killer Mike); "You deserve something that's open and that's real" (El-P); "The novelty of doing something because it's forbidden...that wears off" (El-P); "Feelings are just feelings — you can't control them" (Killer Mike).

Here's how Killer Mike says you should ask someone on a date: "I like you. Do you like me? If so, let's go get some lunch."