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Plex finally launches on PlayStation in the US

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Plex, the media player that can stream video and music from your personal collection to other devices, is finally available on PlayStation in North America. The software launched in Europe and Asia last month, but was delayed in the US, as Plex noted it took "a while to work out all the details" with console owner Sony.

The media player can pull movies, TV shows, and other media from wherever you store them, automatically furnishing them with high-res artwork, cast information, ratings, and other information, all laid out in a pretty interface. Plex Media Server is free on PC or Mac, but as with the Xbox version of the software, you'll need a monthly Plex Pass subscription to use the app on PS4 or PS3. It's expected that you'll be able to pay a one-time fee to use the service on the console at some point in the future, but a subscription has some useful perks — people with a Plex Pass can download content to their devices so they can watch movies and TV shows on the move.