The 9 biggest announcements from Microsoft's Windows 10 event

Giant touchscreens, holographic glasses, and a new OS


We got our first look at a bunch of features in Windows 10, which comes out next week for people who signed up for the pre-release. As expected, Microsoft made a strong push toward connecting its devices more seamlessly, part of its universal apps program. Office, Outlook, and other apps all work quite similarly across devices, and Cortana is everywhere, working as a natural-language interface and personal assistant. The big surprise, however, was Microsoft’s foray into virtual reality, with its HoloLens glasses, an ambitious bid to create a system for overlaying holographic images over the real world.

The core of Windows 10, unveiled


New apps everywhere


Hardware got weird


What's next?

Microsoft has left us with some big things to think about. It’s trying to safely move away from the failures of Windows 8 and Windows Phone, revamping the former and taking a new tack on the latter. But it’s also introduced some wild, futuristic, and much more risky concepts. An 84-inch work tablet? A holographic headset? They’re the kind of thing that could end up helping define computing as we know it… or they could end up like its $8,000 smart table.

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