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BlackBerry issues a limited edition of 50 black and gold Passports

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There's a black one, a white one, a red one, and even an AT&T-customized one with rounded corners, and today there's a black and gold Passport too. BlackBerry's outsized smartphone and its square screen are being treated to a special limited edition of 50 gold-accented devices, which are available immediately on BlackBerry's online store. The phone's frame is made of stainless steel rather than actual gold, but that isn't stopping BlackBerry from comparing its supposedly economical cost of $899 to the $3,000 Drake is said to have spent customizing his own BlackBerry. To sweeten the deal, BlackBerry is throwing in a leather case for the phone as well, though its biggest appeal will surely be in the exclusivity of owning one of just 50 pieces of its kind.